Home of the Starks


Chilling main hall

Where do you revel after successfully defending the North? Where do you host the King when he drops in for a surprise visit? Where do you publicly humiliate (and eliminate) the conniving, manipulative people you know? With this great hall, you'll never have to ask those questions again.

Lots of room for extended family visits

If you need some extra space or a place for secret meetings or perhaps to hide from the undead, there's plenty of room in the crypts below Winterfell.  
*Special request by the seller: the crypt is to remain unaltered. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

All the privacy the north provides

Courtyards for greetings and target practice

These outdoor spaces will give your children the opportunity to learn the art of combat. Who knows, one of them might just save the whole world one day.

High walls and keeps you'll fall For

Who needs a jungle gym or a swing set when you've got a whole castle to climb? Just make sure your kids don't go peeking into any guest room windows, you never know what they might see. šŸ˜¬

Searching for the right home in Westeros?  Consider these properties.

The real story:  Game of Thrones film crews used part of the medieval Doune Castle in central Scotland's Stirling district to shoot Winterfell scenes.  Another part of Winterfell was filmed at the towers of Castle Ward, in Northern Ireland.