The holidays are over which means the sweets, libations, and overall relaxation of the past few weeks is DONE! It can be hard to juggle all of our obligations after the holidays -- the kids going back to school, getting back in the swing of work, and honoring goals of eating healthy in the new year. Let's be real; it's a struggle. 

We are excited to let you in on a super easy solution that we personally use as a family - Dinner Elf. This has been a game-changer for us. In short, Dinner Elf provides convenient ways to eat well. You review a series of menu choices from cheesy casseroles to Whole 30 and everything in between, a chef comes into your home, prepares all the meals for you, and packages them up and puts them in the refrigerator so that you can come home from work and easily reheat the meals for your family. And because most of the meals are healthy, with vegetables that even our children will eat, we don't feel guilty about not preparing the meal ourselves. 

How it works: 

  • Head to and enter in your zip code. 
  • Read the profiles and reviews on chefs that cook in your zip code, and choose one! 
  • You can be at home, out running errands, or at work when your chef arrives. This makes it extremely convenient for those of you that have a lot going on (as in all of you!) 
  • You can choose from about 90 main courses and 90 sides to decide what is most appealing to your family. 
  • Have a food allergy? No biggie! Dinner Elf accommodates for all allergies or ingredients that you would like to exclude from recipes. 

Another amazing and helpful feature of Dinner Elf is their Group Gift option. If someone that you know is going through a season of need (new baby surgery recovery, treatment for an illness, etc) you can get together with a group and gift them a set of meals from Dinner Elf. It's such a delightful way to care for the people you love. 

So save yourself a headache or two, and give Dinner Elf a try. Start simplifying your week here

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