I've learned so much from my clients over the last 15 years as a business owner, and it's been fun to look back on some of those lessons and share them with you over the past few months. As we near the end of 2018, it seems appropriate to share the final segment of stories with you. 

I often share these anecdotes with new clients as a way to help them better understand the Austin real estate market. I hope that they help you too. As always, these are real people, real lessons, real transactions.

11. Everybody gets an hour

Many years ago when I was in real estate school, someone told me to give everyone an hour, regardless of what I may have going on or their own situation. I took that lesson to heart, and so I make it a priority to give generously with my time and add value to your real estate experience. Quality trumps quantity. 

12. Don't let the process get in the way

Process has its time and place, but it shouldn't get in the way of your real estate transaction. We try to listen and be responsive to our client's needs - even if it means putting our process aside to help our clients meet their goals. 

13. Sometimes the market can be lumpy

If your house doesn't immediately get multiple offers on the market, don't sweat it. Whether or not a house gets a lot of traffic is often due to the fact that the market is lumpy (and bumpy) with lots of activity one week and none the next. Price it right, and be patient with the market. 

14. Multiple offer situations are a lot like the wild west

One time I suggested a price that I thought my clients should offer on a house, but they didn't want to lose the deal so they chose to offer something way higher than I recommended. Even with such a generous offer, they still didn't want the deal. When the market is hot, multiple offer situations can get highly competitive (and a little crazy.) Money is only one of the levers we can pull to make your offer more attractive. And don't despair! Things happen for a reason, and you may just find a house you love even more. 

15. Sometimes a house sells for more before hitting the market

Sometimes a house can sell for more than you originally thought before it even hits the market. Homes are the most valuable (1) right before they go on the market, and (2) right when they are marketed for sale. Part of our strategy is to gauge the competition from comparable homes for sale in the neighborhood and time the pre-listing and actual listing at times when there isn't  as much direct competition. In this case, that paid off big time. 

There are always lessons to be learned. 

So that concludes the 15 lessons we shared to recognize our 15h year in business as Homesville Real Estate. I hope you enjoyed them and got some value from these real-life experiences. 

The stories behind the sale don't stop there, though! Based on your positive feedback we will be sharing a weekly story on our Instagram TV channel. You can catch it at www.instagram.com/homesvillerealestate or watch the re-play on our Youtube channel. 

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