Have you ever been to an open house for a home for sale?

Did they have a plate of cookies?

And did the agent talk your ear off?

Those are pages out of every Realtor's playbook.

But at Homesville Real Estate we focus on creating an experience for the buyer that helps get your home sold. Based on the property type, location and style, we may hold a "launch party" to generate a sense of excitement about your listing. Using music, food, beverages, and entertainment suited to your home, we create an opportunity for a high volume of potential buyers to view your home in a pleasurable atmosphere.

Instead of rushing through a boring open house, the listing launch party encourages the buyer to linger and enjoy time at the home so that they can start to envision what it's like to actually live there.

And while not every home will be sold during the open house, it does happen. Case in point, we held a listing launch party for a home in Crestview. A gentleman was walking by, popped in to check it out, stayed quite awhile, called his girlfriend to join him at the house, and . . . . they are now the new homeowners.

Our listing launch parties are just one example of how we market homes differently than most other Realtors.  If you’d like to learn more about our creative approach to getting your home sold quickly for top dollar, reach out by phone, text or email at the numbers below.