If you're thinking about selling your home in the spring, the winter months are the perfect time to get your home ready.  Here's a brief re-cap of some "to do" items that you can check off your list while you wait for the market to warm up in the spring.  Not only will these steps help you prepare and get a jump on the market, but they may also serve to boost your sales price. 

1. Purge and de-clutter

When you're getting ready to sell your house, this is a great time to intentionally go through all of your belongings and decide what you need and what can be donated. 

2. Evaluate your home & take care of maintenance issues

We all tend to procrastinate fixing the little stuff – the leaky faucet, the wobbly toilet, the peeling wallpaper, the smudge on the wall. Of course, maintenance takes time, and you don’t want to spend time during the peak of the market getting repairs done. Bring in a handyman to complete all those little fixes now so that you are prepared when the market heats up.  

3. Have a pre-inspection

  • Have your plumbing evaluated.   Are your toilets and faucets in good condition? How about your water heater? Any Leaks?  Does your home still have the original cast iron plumbing? It is beneficial to have a plumber audit your plumbing system so you know if there are any underlying issues.     
  • How’s your electrical system?  How old is your electric service box?  Do you have aluminum wiring inside your home?  Any fixtures that are broken?  Now’s the time to get those items checked out.   
  • Check the roof.  Is your roof functioning as intended?  Are there any active leaks?  Has there been a hail storm since the last time your roof was replaced?  Do an assessment and see if any repairs need to be made.  While you’re checking out the roof, remove any limbs or accumulated debris.   
  • How does the exterior look?  Is your siding in good shape?  Is there any wood root?  Does the home need to be power washed or painted?  These are relatively easy fixes you can make now. 
  • Examine the gutters and drainage.  Are your gutters clean and functioning?  When it rains, does water pool around your house?  If so, that can be a sign of foundation concerns that you will want to have evaluated.   
  • Check the attic.  Are there signs of any pests?  Are your AC ducts in good shape?  Is there adequate insulation?  And ventilation? 
  • Have the heating and air conditioning systems tuned up.  Is your HVAC system functioning efficiently?  Do all the thermostats work? 
  • Assess your appliances.  Are they all working well?  Are they in good condition?  Do they need to be upgraded? 
  • Inspect the windows.  Are they properly sealed and insulated?  Can you feel any significant drafts?  Are there any broken latches or window panes? 
  • Scrutinize your landscaping.  Do you have any dead patches in your grass?  Any dead limbs in the trees?  Are the bushes maintained?  Would it help to add some new plants?   Because landscaping plays a big part in increasing the curb appeal of your home it can be useful to have a landscaper evaluate your property. 

4. Consult with an experienced realtor

A good Realtor will partner with you and develop a strategy about what needs to be done to get your home ready to sell.  Use the winter months to interview and select a Realtor so that you are ready to hit the ground running when the market begins to peak in the spring.  You might even consider completing this step before you go any further in your prep process. 

We can help cover the costs of getting your home ready for sale.  

Luckily, our Concierge program can help you pay for these upfront expenses of preparing your home for sale. If your home needs staging, paint, landscaping or cosmetic work, our Compass Concierge program will pay for it upfront – no spending limit – and you pay it back at closing. We'll work together to elevate your home's value and create a tailored plan to maximize its potential on the market. If you're thinking about selling your home in Central Austin, we would be happy to visit with you about maximizing your sale.  Reach our for a no obligation, no BS consult at no charge to you. 

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