If you're thinking about selling your home in the spring, the winter months are the perfect time to get your home ready.  Here's a brief re-cap of some "to do" items that you can check off your list while you wait for the market to warm up in the spring.  Not only will these steps help you prepare and get a jump on the market, but they may also serve to boost your sales price. 


Purging, pre-inspections, and repairs.  Oh my!  We've got you covered.  Click below for a written recap of Marquette's home preparation "to dos" along with a detailed checklist.   Just remember that a checklist only goes so far.  If you want to discuss your unique situation, contact us for a no BS, no obligation consult.

A checklist for preparing to sell your home

If you are contemplating selling your home this spring, there are several things you shoul...

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