In our 23 years selling Austin real estate, we've come to appreciate that folks have widely divergent views about their personal finances, spending, and budget considerations.  

But regardless of their perspective on budgets and spending, almost everyone wants (and needs) to know what their monthly mortgage payment is going to be when considering a home purchase.  

For those of you with a bottom line between $3,943 - $5,367 a month, these are the Central Austin homes we think you can’t miss. 

If you don’t see an area you are looking in, let us know.  We have tons of homes available throughout the Austin area with similar monthly payments.

* Payments are based on 20% down, a 30-year mortgage at 4.5%, $.68 in hazard insurance and 2.2149 in property taxes. For more accurate payment information, schedule a time to chat with us here.