The beautiful interiors seen on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can leave homeowners yearning for something special and unique for their own homes. But not everyone is a talented DIYer. So what’s an Austin homeowner to do? Find a talented artisan to make it for you, of course!

We recently discovered the stunning work of Austin creator, Brian Chilton, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this resource with you. Brian and his team craft bespoke furniture and create large-scale architectural elements at his studio at 806 McPhaul Street here in Austin. It’s functional art for your home.

If you can imagine it, Brian Chilton Design can make it. Everything from floating staircases to dining tables to light fixtures, fireplace mantels, doors, cased goods, and more – it’s all impeccably designed and constructed. And every piece is custom-made by hand, often with locally sourced or reclaimed materials. Whether you have a specific need like a staircase railing or just a general idea of what you want, Brian and his team collaborate with each client to create a truly bespoke piece. 

Brian Chilton Design also serves commercial clients in Austin. You’ve probably seen their work at Contigo, Houndstooth Coffee, or StoutHaus Coffee Pub. You can even request a Contigo-style chair for your own home!

A master at their craft, Brian and his team draw inspiration from everyday life. The shape of a tree, the bend of metal – all of these simple objects inspire their perspective in design. After visiting the team in their studio, it’s clear they work incredibly hard and strive to make every piece impeccable. It’s equally clear they have a great time doing it.

Brian Chilton Designs: Functional art for your home

If you’d like to learn more about Brian Chilton Design or schedule a consult, you can visit their website. Better yet, make a trip out to the studio. No doubt, the saws will be buzzing and the sparks will be flying!

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