We love the fantasy world of Game of Thrones, and as real estate folks we especially love all the cool keeps and castles.  But did you know you could own your own castle right here in Austin?  Check out these real life castles and castle-like homes for sale.  Just remember, when you play the Game of Homes, you sell or you buy.

Castle-like homes in Austin

Castles aren't just for fairytales. Austin has it's fare share of homes with castl...

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 And now that the Game of Thrones series is coming to an end, all those cool Westeros castles are up for grabs.  (I hear you can get an amazing deal on The Red Keep if you're into fixer uppers.) Could you make yourself at home in a castle fit for a King or a Khaleesi? 

3 Game of Thrones Castles you've G.O.T. to see!

Your home is your castle. 

Shouldn't it be marketed like it is?

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