Are you thinking about selling your Central Austin home this holiday season? In this short video we offer our thoughts on timing, whether or not to decorate, and more. 

Selling your home during the holidays

There are some upsides to selling during the holidays.  If you are thinking about selling now but aren’t sure if you should take the leap, here are 5 reasons why the holidays can be a good time to sell your home.


Because there tend to be fewer homes on the market during the holidays, your home has less competition. As a result, there’s less risk that your home will get lost in the shuffle. In fact, this creates a unique opportunity to market your home at a very high-level so you have one of the premium listings on the market. Our strategic marketing plan makes sure your home stands out from the others. 


While we usually see a decrease in the number of home buyers in the marketplace during the winter, those people that are out looking for homes during the holidays are serious buyers. And serious buyers are exactly what you want when selling your home.  In fact, many folks looking at homes this time of year motivated to make a home purchase by the end of December, so they can “reside” there January 1st and claim their homestead exemption.


Holiday work schedules can be more relaxed, which means buyers may have more time to look for homes than they would during their regular work schedule.  Having your home on the market at a time when buyers are most available will increase the chance of finding the right buyer for your home.


Buyers enjoy seeing homes all dressed up for the holidays.  The lights, the decorations!  All that holiday magic can have a positive influence on buyers at a time when emotional purchasing is at its peak. But be careful - the trees, twinkly light, staircase garland, etc, might be beautiful, don't let it distract potential buyers from your home. You want them to notice the details of the hardwood floors, the tile backsplash in the kitchen, the natural light that the large windows bring in, not just the fact that your Christmas tree is 15 feet tall. 


Selling your home now gives you more buying power after the holidays.  You will hit the spring season with the proceeds of your sale in hand. This gives you an advantage over other buyers whose home purchase may be contingent on the sale of their own home. Having already sold your home will allow you to make a stronger purchase offer than those buyers so that you can aggressively pursue your dream home.

If you put these five factors together, you have a good chance of getting your home sold.  

Of course, no one wants strangers touring their house while you are sitting down for a holiday meal.  An experienced realtor will work with you to restrict showings at inconvenient times.  It may also be possible to adjust your move-out date so that it doesn’t interfere with your family holiday traditions.

If you think selling during the holidays is the right move for your personal situation, let’s grab some coffee and chat.  We’d be glad to share our expertise during a free, no obligation consult. 

5 reasons it makes sense to sell your home during the holidays