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Marquette Reddam

Marquette Reddam

Owner | Chief of Operations

After spending 17 years proudly representing the public school districts of Texas, Marquette retired from the practice of law in 2016 to pursue other endeavors. She now uses her extensive legal marketing and law firm leadership experience to support innovation, communication, and operations at Homesville. While you probably won’t interact with her directly, Marquette wears many hats behind the scenes, including social media maven, business development, event planner, photographer, and more.

Marquette also spearheads her family’s personal real estate projects, serving as both general contractor and designer. For those buyers and sellers that aren’t ready to tackle a remodel project on their own, Marquette can provide guidance and design boards showing various options to help solidify your vision through her independent company A Life More Beautiful.   Marquette uses her strong creative vision, keen eye for spatial relationships, and fierce ability to focus on the details to design and manage residential projects to create a space where beautiful forms merge effortlessly with function.  With multiple home renovations under her tool belt,  she's happy to deal with the headaches of a remodel while you pay the bills. 

With two young children and a house full of critters, the days are never dull... As you may have guessed, Marquette and Paul are a power-duo both in marriage and in work.


  • There were only 43 people in my high school graduating class.
  • I can bale hay, castrate a bull, and bait a hook.
  • I own a pink shotgun.
  • I’ve been to most of the Dairy Queens in Texas, which makes me a DQ Blizzard connoisseur.